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Game Designer with an Artistic Focus

 I'm passionate the most about one of a kind projects with stylized, colorful art and unique challenges.

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Favorite Projects


Knot Me!

 Knot Me! is a 3D action-adventure game that in a casual and quirky way empowers women sexuality in a safe and fun space.  The original concept was pitched by me, I oversee the project as main designer and created the general pipeline.

Contributed to lead the team and General 3D Art.

Running Hamzards

Running Hamzards is a 2D-4 man co-op, puzzle platform game with a pvp arena mode. Players will learn and cast spells to help each other advance through the stages while taking turns holding onto a potion to prevent it from exploding.

Contributed as 2D Artist and Environmental Artist.



Luz is a 2d horror adventure game. The objective is to survive a series of nightmarish apparitions that follows the player by turning on all the lights in the school.

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Silicon Valley

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