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3D Portfolio

T-Bot for Backyard Labs Inc  /  Project "Gouda"

T-Bot was designed as a mascot and financial advisor for "Gouda" a MVP that combines a financial app that manages all your bank accounts, and an education game about generational wealth and healthy personal finances. I  was responsible of T-Bot's design, modeling, texture, rig, animations and integration in Unity.

Main Characters for LemonTwist Games / Knot Me!

Here are the characters developed for the video game Knot Me! I was in charge of making the 3D models, UVs, Rigging, and Animation. I also created some of the props for the environment and populated the levels.

Environmental Art for various projects

I've worked as an environmental artist by making assets and populating levels. Here are a variety of screenshots showcasing the assets and the integration in our projects.

3D: Trabajo
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