Projects and Professional Experience

Creative Director/Character Designer/Generlist 3DArtist - Knot Me!

July/2020 - Present

+Responsible for leading the developing team in Knot Me!.
+Design all main characters and bosses.
+Make the 3dModeling for the characters and assist the environmental artists.
+Rig and Animate characters.
+Review and provide creative feedback to the team.

Character designer/UI/UX designer - Luz

Dec/2019 (2 weeks)

+Assisted in the creation of characters, sprites and their animations.
+Designed the UI assets in the game.

Concept Artist/ Game designer - Magnus

Agosto de 2015 - febrero de 2017

+Designed the characters and their backstories.
+Designed the characters sprites.

Game Artist - UCSC-Stanford EnTrust Assessment Tool

Feb/2020 - Present

+Create all character assets for the game.
+Assist the team with the UI and the overall aesthetic of the game.

Graphic Specialist and UI Designer at
SvMet Engineering SA de CV - Steelmaking Software Development

Nov/2013 - Aug/2018

+Designed all art assets and integrate them in the framework.
+Unified the company’s software tools appearance.
+Implemented the concepts of interface design and experience design in the development process.
+Designed the interface and feel of CASTEV 1.0. Inspired by video games such as Dead Space.
+Create and implement Quality Assurance.
+Design alongside the development team new software tools.



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